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Spanish Gold

The Spanish Gold is a creamy yellow coloured marble, with uniform background, compact and with thin grain. It presents some irregular vein of white calcite and some reddish areas. It also presents some black coloured thin lines. Its variations depend on the amount of vein and background uniformity.

Extraction area:

La Romana - Alicante

Recommended Usage:
The Spanish Gold is a preferential marble to be used on small interior decoration projects, due to its beautiful colour and limited supply. Here it is common to find applications in flooring, bath design and coverings.


A:Spain   H:124 kg/cm²
B:Good   I:-
C:Medium large   L:0,13%
D:In/Out   M:36,00 cm
E:Limited   N:-
F:1509 kg/cm²   O:2696 kg/m³
G:1665 kg/cm²