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Moca Cream

The Moca Cream is a beige coloured limestone, which is characterized by its parallel vein and uniform background, when it is cut against the vein.

Extraction Area:
Pé da Pedreira, Portugal

Recommended Usage:
most commonly used in interior covering walls and exterior applications such as cladding (either glued or stapled). It is also a preferential limestone used in flooring with moderate utilization.

Compression strenght                          930 Kg / cm2
Bending strenght                                 126 Kg / cm2
Apparent density                                 2520 Kg / m3
Water absortion                                  2.3 %
Porosity                                              5.9 %
Termal line expansion coefficient         5.3 x 10 -6 perº C
Abrasion test                                       4.0 mm
Impact test (minimum height)              40 cm